Piyush Goel was teaching our group during my yoga certification course. I have enjoyed the course and the instruction very much! The daily teachings included yoga practice, meditation/mindfulness, pranayama, and more. The instructors were attentive to our needs and shared their knowledge readily with us. Thank you, for the great opportunity!

By Sveta Canada

The course was amazing the method of teaching is best. I learned a lot about asanas, different types of meditation and pranayama.

Vishnuja Doradla Bangalore

Mr . Piyush goel was our instructor of our group in Raipur I thoroughly enjoyed it it was an amazing experience and I found a change in me I was feeling very calm n peace during my yoga sessions it not only helped to control over my weight n also helped me to feel distressed..️?️ n yoga is not only…

Sunita Motwani Raipur Chhatisgarh

Grand Master Piyush taught me and my group who specially attended his classes from Canada, U.K. and America, his teaching style is very unique and effective, he showed us how to easily do very advanced Yoga poses, thank you sir for your valuable contribution to all our lives.

By AL AL Canada

I mainly joined the course to gain strength and flexibility. My back was very stiff and rigid. By the end of the course I’m able to do advance poses as well ! All thanks to Piyush sir for his continuous support and guidance . And trinetra yoga for the teacher’s training certificate . I had an amazing experience…

Brunda Kashyap Mysore

Yog with Piyush was really enjoyable, despite starting off quite fast-paced, the routine and schedule soon settled into a pace everyone could follow easily and Piyush was making sure that everyone knew the routine so we could continue it with ease after the course is over.

Ms Doha (UAE) Yoga Retreat : April 2017

Thanks so much to Piyush !! He helped me a lot and good that we met him. I have learnt many things from this yoga program. Thank you for everything Piyush.

Hye ri (Korea) Graduation Date: May 2017

Thank you Piyush, You took me to a different and another level with your guidance and inputs. I will really miss my daily practice with you.

Marie-caroline (Dubai) Yoga Retreat: May 2017

Piyush is always kind, caring and went that extra miles to make sure I had everything I required. I was happy, comfortable and had understood the lessons very well. I feel he gave his more than 100 % effort in this case. For the program, I am satisfied, that it met my expectations, largely the…

Warren H (Newzealand) Graduation Date : June 2017

Thank you so much Piyush Goel for the amazing meditation techniques, I think we all needed it. Learning so much about myself after that . I have an amazing teacher.

Sam O G (UAE) Graduation Date : July 2017

I really appreciate Master Piyush to teach us such wonderful knowledge and skill in action through deep each and every time. I am gonna keep practicing as you do, so I always work in progress.

Leslie (French Guiana) Graduation Date : July 2017

Special thanks to Piyush Goel Sir and he is very knowledgeable and kind yogi. We all have learnt a great deal of yoga-related techniques to improve our flexibility as well as knowledge of Yoga philosophy. Guruji, Thank you so much for the wonderful knowledge and experience. We already miss you and hope to see you…

Al D (Canada) Graduation Date : July 2017

I have done an intensive 200 hours Yoga teachers training program which followed Hatha and Vinyasa flow. It was very helpful for me and all yogis. The course was intensively designed to practice them within 3 weeks. To be honest I did not really think I was able to achieve whole elements of this…Thanks to…

Asako (Japan) Graduation Date : August 2017

I went for a Yoga teachers training program in India. The course was intensive with all the instructors giving their maximum to pass on their knowledge to us. The program had a variety of subjects such as yoga/asanas training, pranayama, alignment, yoga philosophy, anatomy, and meditation. I would like to express my gratitude to Piyush…

Swetlana (Canada) Graduation Date : July 2017

My yoga master Piyush is absolutely amazing. He has great knowledge ,techniques and on top of that, he is such a beautiful and caring soul. He would offer so much and gives you more than expected out of everything. He is a great yoga master with so much passion and evergy. My overall experience was…

Berenice F (South Africa) Graduation Date : September 2017

I did the Yoga 200 HRS TTC .The whole program was a real challenge and I wondered what I would do at the end. It’s a lot to learn but practicing it every day we get used to and everything is memorized. I really appreciate and big thanks to Piyush for his knowledge and support…

Tanja (Italy) Graduation Date : September 2017

Thanks for teaching me and Li-Ann, so much !! Your wisdom is amazing Piyush Goel. Namaste StayC, Li-Ann

StayC, Li-Ann Graduation Date: Nov 2017

The teaching was really interesting. Thank you Piyush, we learnt a lot about ourselves and yoga philosophy. I also appreciate the time we spent learning and teaching each other. It boosted our morale and self-confidence in teaching yoga.

Hanane Graduation Date: July 2017