Kids Yoga Retreat


Program Highlights

S.No Asana Pranayama Meditation Technique Karma Yoga Philosophy Mantra Yoga Sri Bhagwadgita Sun Salutation Benefits limitations of All aspects
Level 1 40 Asana 3 Pranayama 2 Tasks Common for all Level wise theory Level wise theory 2 Common for all
Level 2 65 Asana 6 Pranayama 4 Tasks Common for all Level wise theory Level wise theory 3 Common for all
Level 3 100 Asana 8 Pranayama 6 Tasks Common for all Level wise theory Level wise theory 5 Common for all
Benefits Asana strengthen their physical body / Relieves stress/ Increases physiological age / Good for many diseases / Fills body with vital energy / Stabilizes brain Enhances physical and mental health. Increase intellect and makes you more Productive Shed Ego , lust Anger, Greed, Proud, Emotional attachment, Godly realisation Teaches importance of yoga and to live life without duality, Teaches code of ethics & Ashtanga limbs of purity, Teaches importance of Karma , gyana and bhakti yoga, Teaches yogic healthy diet and lifestyle & spiritual centers of our body Bhagwadgita teaches the way of life and importance of Karma yoga and other branches of yoga, Teaches ways to live life successfully, Teaches basic principles of the soul and mantra chanting, Chanting purifies mind , body and soul Chanting makes a person godly, Chanting makes you free from attachment Strenghtens body, Increases stamina, Burns fat and cholesterol, Makes body flexible, Strengthens internal organs, Good for longevity, Builds momentum, Makes you alert and confident Talks about benefits and limitations of all the 7 aspects mentioned

What can you expect from us?

  • A well-designed Yoga program for the kids based on international yoga standards
  • Personal assistance to the kids during the program to ensure their understanding
  • Complimentary sessions for the Teachers for the school on all the aspects of yoga
  • Monthly review for the kids who already graduated to ensure their correctness and understanding after the graduation at no additional cost.
  • After the program, we offer them Certificates for completion and that holds a lot of weight and they become certified yoga professionals at a young age.
  • A lot of partners – group activities to ensure they enhance their team and people management skills.
  • We will also educate them on the international scenario of yoga.
  • Most importantly you can expect Quality of international standards from us.

Eligibility / Qualifying Criteria for the Course

  1. Students with minimum 0 to 6 month of yoga practice /experience can apply
  2. Students with major illness or injuries not to apply or consult doctor before applying

Duration of the Course

  1. Course duration is (7-15 Days based on number of hours) and with a focus on syllabus mentioned
  2. Last day of the course is the certification ceremony for everyone

P.S:- Please contact us for Program Fee

Details of the programs are:

  1. Level 1 Program (Std 3 to 6) – 50 Hours
  2. Level 2 Program (Std 7to 9)- 75 Hours
  3. Level 3 Program (Std 10 to 12)- 100 Hours