Dr.(Hc) Piyush Goel

Dr.(Hc) Piyush Goel

Grandmaster-Hatha Yoga
Founder - President (Trinetra Yoga)
+91 9916803456 / +91 9886046517

Grandmaster Piyush’s yogic journey started many years ago and he has worked under highly proficient teachers and Gurus in the field from Mysore, Pondicherry, and Bangalore. Piyush Was awarded and certified as “Grandmaster-Hatha Yoga”  by Yoga Alliance International and is ranked 14th in Grandmaster’s category in Asia Pacific region.

Grandmaster Piyush is from Bangalore Mysore (Yoga capital of the world) and uses a hands-on approach on various aspects relevant to different domains of Yoga. Having trained under Super Master’s, he has a grounded approach towards his students in everything he teaches.

With a successful history of yoga, he has many testimonials from students about his Teaching methodology, theoretical knowledge and command on the subjects. He has also been instrumental in maintaining the cordial relationship with Giants, Masters and International coaches in this field who are associated with worldwide organizations of yoga functioning across the globe.

Grandmaster Piyush has earned many international certifications and credentials in different branches of yoga and his expertise lies in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Transformational/Transcendental yoga, Meditational yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Kundalini yoga, Surya Namaskar, Agni Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar. Asana Theory (Benefits & Limitations), Partner stretches, Yoga Krida & Yoga Nidra, Mudra’s, Pranayama, Mantra chanting yoga, Weight loss formula.

He was imparted knowledge on various aspects of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Meditational Yoga by Swami Vidyanand (Founder-President Yoga Alliance International Worldwide) in Pondicherry and on Ashtanga Yoga Primary & Secondary series by One of the best Ashtanga Teacher of Mysore and many other Renowned Guru of Mysore and Bangalore on Pre-natal and Power yoga. Piyush was also fortunate enough to work with multiple Guru’s to get trained and imbibe knowledge on philosophical aspects of yoga.

Piyush is Registered yoga coach/ Teacher (E-RYT)with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International, World Yoga Organization, Meditation Alliance International, World Yoga Alliance and holds 9 International certifications affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International, Meditation Alliance International, World Yoga Organization and Sivananda Yoga.

Grandmaster Piyush has the vision to train thousand and millions of souls to spread the message of yoga worldwide for enhancing world health.


  1. Piyush was awarded “Honorary doctorate in Ashtangayogawith specialization in Divinity and Hatha Yoga” for his contribution in the field of yoga.
  2. Honoured as “YogaSeva Ratna” By South Indian cultural Academy in Chennai
  3. Honoured as “YogaMahashiromani- Asia Pacific” at Intercontinetal awards Bangalore.
  4. Awarded as “Best Emerging InternationalYogaTeacher of Iouth asia” at India leadership awards @ Bangalore
  5. Honoured as “Yoga Kalai Chemmal” By South Indian cultural Academy in Chennai
  6. His SchoolTrinetraYoga honoured as “Best Emerging World Yoga Alliance school”
  7. He has team of teachers who are experts in different subjects and his school offers multiple yoga and wellness programs ranging from 50-100-200-300 Hours level. (www.trinetra.yoga)
  8. Grandmaster has taught more than 3000 students worldwide including Indian subcontinent in Yoga Teachers Training Programs , Yoga Events , Workshops , Regular Sessions , Yoga retreats , World yoga day celebrations ,sports event etc and has also certified more than 80 International teachers across the globe.